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Rob Llewellyn provides a brief overview of the online Digital Business Transformation course and certification. Visit for details

Rob Llewellyn provides a brief overview of the Digital Business Transformation Academy training.

Rob Llewellyn is joined by Prof. Peter Carr who speaks about whole enterprise social media.

Rob Llewellyn is joined by Prof. Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd who speaks about innovation, technology and organisational change.

In this webinar audio-replay, Rob Llewellyn is joined by Prof. Dr. Tim Kessler who speaks about digitization, mobility and automotive OEM business models.

The Digital Economy

In this webinar audio-replay, Rob Llewellyn is joined by Dr. Hamed Motaghi who speaks about the digital economy and takes a look at Amazon.

Rob Llewellyn reviews the book "Platform Revolution" written by Geoff Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne and Sangeet Choudary.

Leadership PQ

Rob Llewellyn is joined by the authors of the highly acclaimed book, "Leadership PQ" - Valerie Wark and Gerry Reffo.

Rob Llewellyn talks about the challenge companies face as they aspire to derive value from the Internet of Everything.

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Faith Forster about how digital tools can help improve stakeholder engagement.

FAST Leadership

Rob Llewellyn speaks with author and leadership expert Gordon Tredgold about his FAST Leadership Book.

Rob Llewellyn introduces the Business Transformation Management Methodology (BTM²)

Rob Llewellyn introduces the digital business transformation iceberg.

Rob Llewellyn explains how CIO's can leverage the latest transformation management tools to help them gain and maintain a key to the boardroom.

Rob Llewellyn talks about effective programme management and clears up some of the confusion that exists around project managers and programme managers.

Rob Llewellyn touches on the transformation management role and capabilities required for business transformation success.

Rob Llewellyn talks about undertaking digital enterprise transformation and introduces the Digital Capability Framework (DCF). No industry is immune to the transformational impact ...

The Transformational CIO

Rob Llewellyn talks about the expectations of the CIO, and how CIOs can deliver new business value and competitive advantage using the latest breed of transformation tools.

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Phil Darby about branding and business transformation.

CXO Weekly Introduction

Rob Llewellyn gives a 3 minute overview of CXO Weekly. Sign up at

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Gerald Bradley about Benefit Relationship Management.

Business Transformation

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Lalit Jagtiani about Business Transformation.

Reinventing Communication

Mark Phillips speaks with Rob Llewellyn about 'Reinventing Communication'.

Body Language in Business

Michael Wenk from the Galli Theatre in Germany speaks with Rob Llewellyn about body language in business.

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Prof. Dr. Manfred Winterheller about leadership.

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Professor Dr. Andrew Kakabadse speaks about Leadership and Business Transformation.

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Dr. Michael von Kutzschenbach speaks about the Business Transformation Academy.

Solution-Focused Coaching

Rob Llewellyn speaks with Dr. Peter Szabó about solution-focused coaching.

Rob Llewellyn talks about the essential roles and capabilities required for successful business transformation.

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